Waste Management For Oil & Gas

EPIS is the leading provider of waste management and industrial cleaning services for the oil and gas industry in the UK. Formerly known as Enviroco-we have successfully delivered services to this sector for over 15 years, maintaining the highest levels of safety and service reliability. We operate through our quayside facilities in Peterhead, Aberdeen, and Great Yarmouth. Across these locations we have oil and gas waste management capabilities for handling and disposing of drilling muds, slops, and effluents, and for NORM de-scaling and decontamination processes (provided through our NORM de-scaling facility, NORM Solutions). EPIS’s Total Waste Management package provides an integrated solution for all your waste management, hazardous waste, and industrial cleaning requirements.

Our package can be tailored to include:

We have developed a range of extras to support our core Total Waste Management services, including:

With quayside locations in Aberdeen, Peterhead and Great Yarmouth, epis is uniquely placed for the receipt of offshore waste.

We allocate technical account managers with specific waste qualifications and experience, to deliver a package of add-on services, including:

EPIS personnel conduct offshore audits, spending time on each offshore installation, and discussing improvements to waste practices to help manage and reduce the waste being produced at source. These visits can be tailored to suit the individual client/installation.

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