Lifting Gear Inspection

Effective lifting tasks depend on the continued safety of the lifting equipment, proper planning and condition of accessories that are used. Equipment failure can result in serious or fatal injuries.  All the lifting equipment require regular inspection and proper certification as per the required standards in the industry to ensure their integrity and safety.

EPIS Inspection Services provide a complete range of Lifting Gear Inspection services for the onshore and offshore industries.  Our qualified inspectors carry out a systematic and thorough visual examination of every individual lifting gear item to ensure that the equipment in use meet the standards prescribed under LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations), LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association), We have the expertise to inspect and certify a wide range of lifting equipment which includes:

Lifting gear inspections are performed on a regular basis to ensure that the equipment is well maintained, safe and fit for service at any point in time.  Personnel who operate the equipment will be provided advice and training by our experts about the importance of safe operating practices and the mandatory pre-use checks to be observed.

On completion of the inspection, result reporting and documentation is provided in accordance with the applicable standards and specifications. Access to the Certification will be available to the clients at all times through an online tracking system.

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