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EPIS provides a complete range of lifting dear inspection services for both the onshore and offshore industries.

Pressure Testing

- Pressure test facility up to 26,000 PSI with chart recorder.
- Pressure testing of flow lines

Repair, Rethreading, Recruiting of Tubular

Repair, Reciting and Rethreading of drill pipe, heavy weight drill pipe
drill collar, and any other tools.

Flow line construction up to 6” size & pipeline

- By bucking machine.
- By welding, and fabrication.

Dropped Objects Survey

With Dropped Objects frequency also being affected by culture, systems, personnel and a unlimited range of unique circumstances, many of TRIANGLE' clients now choose one of EPIS Dropped Objects Specialists to assist them on either a temporary or permanent basis.

Rope Access

Allows for a wide variety of inspection and maintenance service at high elevations and other hard to reach areas.

Cleaning Tanks & Coatings and Test

Because unwanted corrosion can contaminate liquids, it’s important to ask suppliers question that allow the confident choice of a coating with proven field performance.

Rig Audit

In accordance with the instructions received, EPIS Register Drilling Integrity Services attended the jackup rig, to complete a condition survey of the primary drilling equipment, mud system, well control equipment, marine equip-ment, power plant, electrical equipment, safety equipment, maintenance system and spare parts.

Pulling Unit

EP-01 250 HP Technical Agreement For XJ250J Workover Rig.

Waste Management

MK WITH EPIS is the leading provider of waste management and industrial cleaning services for the oil and gas industry in the UK. Formerly knownas Enviroco-we have successfully delivered services to this sector for over 15 years, maintaining the highest levels of safety and service reliability.

Wireline & Mud Logger

Our large fleet of logging trucks, offshore units, logging tools and pressure control equipment, provides a wide variety of open-hole and cased-hole logging services to our clients.

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